3D modeling and printing service. Low volume batch production. Friendly and reliable service with the best possible prices.
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Delivery is possible throughout Europe.

DPD courier services and Omniva parcel network are used for the delivery of goods.


DPD Pickup points and Omniva parcel machines

DPD delivery price
In Europe: 14.99 € to 24.99 €
In Latvia: 2.00 € to 4.49 €

Omniva delivery price from 2.88 € to 9.50 € **

Delivery by DPD courier

Courier delivery price:
In Europe: 17.99 € to 31.99
In Latvia: 4.49 € to 8.49 €

* DPD delivery is possible in Latvia and Europe
** Omniva delivery is possible in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia