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Project Demerzel

The vision of the Demerzel project is to create a production system for buildings and interior elements based on the highest achievements in engineering and information technology. The goal is to create an intuitive, flexible and widely accessible group of robots that will help build our environment and improve around us.

Phase 0 of the project

In the first initial stage, it is planned to develop:
– Modifying already accessible 3D printing equipment for printing small objects from ceramic and cement concrete materials
– Materials research and preparation for production – cement concrete, ceramic materials

Demerzel V1

Phase 1 of the project

In the first stage of the project it is planned to develop:
– 3D printing device, which can print objects up to 1000mm * 500mm;
– Two print heads are planned for the printing equipment (for polymer printing and printing with ceramics);
– The device is connected to one of the existing file preparation programs (Slic3r, Cura or other);
– The printer uses widely available materials.

Phase 2 of the project

In the second stage of the project it is planned to develop:
– 3D printing equipment, which can be used to create larger objects (interior and exterior elements);
– It is planned to use only ceramic and concrete materials for the printing equipment;
– Develop file preparation program, which will be used in the future for this and the next stage printers;
– Develop a material supply system for the printing equipment.

Phase 3 of the project

In the third stage of the project it is planned to develop:
– 3D printing equipment used in building construction;
– Compatibility of printing equipment software with BIM standards and the most popular BIM environment programs;
– Develop a material supply system.

Phase 4 of the project

In the fourth stage of the project it is planned to develop:
– Printer relocation systems for construction and relocation of several floors along the XY axis (length and width);
– Equipping the printer with sensor systems and artificial intelligence software for construction automation.

Phase 5 of the project

In the fifth stage of the project it is planned to develop:
– Fully automated construction (printer and printer supply system operation).