Arturs Plotnieks
Hi. My name is Arturs. Arturs Plotnieks. Multimedia designer. With ten years of experience, I`m practicing different design disciplines, to create valuable and different solutions. Over the years, developing the talents and learning new skills to carry out vision from product design, to the user interface and experience design.With the knowledge of both design and technology, I am helping to achieve the best long-term and more sustainable design solutions
Arturs Plotnieks, Designer, Product design, Design, 3D, 3D print
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Arturs Plotnieks is a designer and lecturer from Liepaja, Latvia.
Working in different disciplines while using design philosophy to create valuable solutions to be proud of and achieve goals. Over the years, the talents have been developed and without the fear of learning new skills, realize visions in design and marketing.
Giving the knowledge and experience to future professionals teaching 3D modeling and 3D printing. The aim is to create a free methodological base in the future to help the 3D industry in Latvia move forward in even bigger steps.
Outside of professional and pedagogical activities, there is a wide interest in automation, robotics, and how these industries can change
opportunities and design our future.